Don't Lose Your Soul is a fast-paced top-down shooting game.

You are Noé, a survivor living in a post-global warming Pantanal, an unique biome in Brazil, which is under criminal fire right now. No matter what happens, don't lose your soul.

You have to pump the shotgun to shoot again. And don't forget to drink water!


Movement: WASD

Use Shotgun: Left Mouse Button Click

Pump Shotgun: Right Mouse Button Click

Drink Water: E


Download 29 MB


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[Honest Thoughts & Review]

Not sure whether this was enjoyable or not. I definitely liked the concept but the barren wasteland would've really benefited if it had a few more props to make it stand out. I liked the idea of drinking water to stay hydrated, it definitely works well with the realism. The sprites do make you feel dizzy after long hours of gameplay. I feel there's something here but I'm not sure whether you are going to continue working on this or not. I agree with Baxxd, this looks like a great start to a bigger project! I wish you the best of luck with it too! :)

I like the idea that it's a barren wasteland. It adds to the sense of isolation and I feel sweaty just looking at it. I also like the idea that you have a water meter to maintain and it adds as an additional gameplay element. 

The sprites for the ground is kind of dizzying to look at and there's not much to see in the landscape other than pools of water, rocks, and the occasional bandit encounters.

Overall, it looks like a great start for a bigger project!